Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Christian Rhode with a Willamette summer run!

We are on track for a great early season Willamette fishery this year. We are seeing the best fish counts over the falls in years! We already have 3 times as many fish over the falls than we have had thru any other April since 2004. Even though there have already been some reports of good fishing, I plan to take another couple weeks off to get caught up and wind down after the long grind of my winter season. As mid-May rolls around, I hope to be back on the water full time. I still have slots available for my Willamette fishery. if your itchin' to get an early season crack on some chrome summers, the Willy is your fix. As we get into the prime time (mid-May thru July), there is very little element of "if". It is generally a matter of "how many"! It is a user friendly fishery that is a perfect opportunity for anglers to get a lesson or touch up on their spey casting.

Thursday, April 22, 2010



I just got back from filming parts of the Skagit Master DVD I am doing with Jeff Mishler. The last two weeks we spent filming the BC part of the production. We had a great trip and captured some exciting action. We were fortunate enough to accomplish everything we had hoped for - a couple huge fish, great fight action, and some great adventure visiting a couple small remote coastal rivers. We were successful in tying together much of the winter technique footage we had from the North Umpqua as well as covering some low water scenario technique. We both came home finding ourselves more excited and optimistic about our project. It should be great!!! At this point, we have no doubt we are going to be able to create a very educational DVD that has enough action to keep people glued to the screen.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


"Fly Girl" Beth with just 4 of the many she landed during her latest trip!

I just finished a great trip with lead "Fly Girl" Beth Brunswick. The recent rain forced us onto some different water yesterday. Our move really paid off!!!! She ended the trip going 5 for 5 on her last day with one fish over #16. Each day we are getting a mixed bag. There are a number of colored fish that have been up river for a while, as well as, some brighter fish that are moving up out of where they have been living in the lower river. We are even seeing the odd shiny fish fresh out of the salt. I expect to see some good fishing for at least another week or two. Seeing how we now have most of our fish in the river, April can be the best month to see some big number days. It is also a great time to experience our rivers without the hustle and bustle of the mid-season crowds. Many anglers have had their fill of the winter grind and have moved onto golf and other spring activities.

I am off today to celebrate Easter with my family. Soon, I am heading north to BC to continue filming my DVD project with Jeff Mishler. We are hoping the weather cooperates and we can capture some great spring steelhead footage. We got big plans to visit some of the small remote rivers off the BC coast. We should be able to showcase some of the rivers I used to fish when I lived up North. These are rivers that few anglers have heard of and even fewer have fished. It should be fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I Just finished my week's fishing with Wiz and Ranae on the upper NU. We have finally had our first big winter rain just as March comes to an end. Along with our high water came a good batch of fish out of the lower river. We are seeing a mixed bag of colored fish that had been living in the Main and new fish just out of tied water. Wiz saw one of his best days ever with me on a day when he went 4 for 8. His tally included a big buck that was 13-14 lbs and a huge hen that tipped the scale at 16-17lbs. They were both amazing fish that put up epic battles. His hen finally came to hand after 20 minutes of chasing her thru two different pools. Congrats Wiz!!! We'll see you this summer. Remember - you're only welcome back if you bring Ranae with you!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


4 of Ranae's beauties!

It has been a while since I have gotten around to a post. Things have been busy and our fishing remains good. I spent the day with Robert "Wiz" Wissmar and Ranae Holland. Ranae tore 'em up! She went 5 for 5 today on the Upper North Umpqua - not bad for her first trip steelheading! She's a natural. We had rain the last 2 days and it finally pumped our river up a bit. This seemed to shuffle the cards and bring some new fish from the lower river. The river was dropping all day and should fish equally well again tomorrow. It felt good to be back on the Upper North - I am sure we will be back up there again in the morning.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Shiz and Judy with some winter chrome!

Despite the fact that our water level continues to fall, the fish have been snapping well. I just finished off a 3 day trip with Shiz and Judy Nakawatase where they went 11 for 16. Today we got 7! We ran into a big pod of fish at the second run of the day and went 4 for 4 in just over an hour of fishing. It is that time of year when the ladies show up. I haven't seen a buck in the last 20 fish I've beached. We will still see a few fresh males show up but most have already made their way thru the system. I have been begging for rain and now that we have some in the forecast, I don't want it. I am on some great fish right now and I don't want the conditions to change. If in fact we do get some weather, it should put us back on our coastal streams. A change of venue wouldn't be bad either!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Dave with 2 fat hens from the NU!

Our fishing has been a bit off and on lately. We are getting fish everyday but we are not consistently seeing the numbers my clients have come accustomed to. Today Dave Souther had 7 with me on the NU. He got a couple real beauties!

We had a dose of rain at the end of last week but the water on the NU just barely wiggled. The fish continue to come but we could use some high flows to get fish spread thru the system and put some grit back in the water. Unfortunately, no big rain in the forecast.